How to make a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour ?

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

Cappadocia is a central tourist place not only in Turkey, also in the world. Millions of people, who come to experience the Cappadocia balloon tour, watch the fascinating Cappadocia fairy chimneys. They will experience Cappadocia travel which they will not forget in their lives especially, in the moment of sunrise. I am going to tell you all my experiences about the balloon ride and the details of Cappadocia balloon prices one by one in this article. Are you ready to for the fairy tale?

The balloon tour is now 200€ for per person!

Everything About Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Have you looked down or into the sky without a window when you were flying so high? Many travel enthusiasts are eager to sit by the window when they travel by plane.

Their personalities, who are already free, want to see the beauty of the world from the sky. Because of the restricted view on dirty windows on airplanes, we often want to go out and wipe that window from the outside. At least I do it. But is that like this in the hot air balloon?

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon
Flying over Cappadocia with the hot air balloons is the best thing to do in Cappadocia.

Of course, it’s not. Because you rise up in the sky with a windowless aircraft, you feel the breeze touching your face; you see thousands of fairy chimneys under your feet and an undefinable sunrise.

We got so many questions: “How does the Cappadocia Balloon Tours arrange?”, “How are the Cappadocia Tours planned?”, “How much does Cappadocia Balloon Tour cost?” These questions are just some of them. So, now I will tell you everything about the Cappadocia balloon tour respectively.

How does Hot Air Balloon Work?

The first thing to do is to understand the security and the environment. I will explain to you how these famous balloons in Cappadocia work. Essentially a simple physics rule is valid. The warming air rises! I mean:

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon
You’ll experience something you haven’t experienced before.

The balloon actually consists of two parts: the “dome” which made from durable and flameproof materials, and the “basket” where the passengers and pilot located.

The pilot is standing in a special section in the middle of the basket. He performs temperature adjustment and routing function for the balloon’s soaring-descending. Hot-air balloons do not have any engine equipment. Therefore, the horizontal direction takes place with the wind. As you might guess; you go there where the wind blows. Even balloons sometimes land to strange places.

If you book for 2-days Cappadocia tour from Istanbul, the hot air balloon flight will be 175€ for per person!

It’s a bit of luck: I know that someone cannot travel by the hot air balloon because of the fact that the balloon flights are canceled every time because of the weather; and also I know ones can travel thanks to the beauty of the air and the wind. By the way, Deniz has not been able to fly even though he has gone 8 times. Think about it…

Why Does Hot Air Balloon Crash?

According that we understood how the balloons in Cappadocia work, let’s now clarify why these balloons crash sometimes.

It’s a question that people think hesitantly about nowadays. Even people wanted to ride; they couldn’t ride because of the news. We hear the news of “Cappadocia Balloon Crash” once or twice per year.

First of all, I would like to say that one of the safe air vehicles in the world, considering the number and accident rate, is Hot Air Balloons.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon
Watching the landscape of Cappadocia.

Let’s look why the balloons are crashing or why the passengers are injured in bumpy landing: The main reason of this is the weather conditions, and sometimes even the passengers on the balloon do not follow the pilot’s instructions. Even if it is not caused to crash, it can cause injuries.

For example, if you do not take landing positions, you may be injured. Weather is a situation that no one interferes. Because Hot Air Balloons do not have the feature to maneuver and directed like airplanes or helicopters, natural causes rarely cause trouble.

So, when the weather is not suitable, Civil Aviation is postponing or canceling balloon flights. You can rest assured for this. As I mentioned above: Deniz went to Cappadocia tour several times and could not ride because of the weather conditions.

What are things to take into consideration when Planning Cappadocia Balloon Tours?

As we know almost everything about the balloon flights in Cappadocia, let’s make plan Cappadocia balloon tours. Do not worry: I will tell everything I know about Cappadocia from the hotel to the balloon firms.

There are two types of hot air balloons, check them here:

The first warning is: Never deal with the company by falling for the prices of the balloon tour in Cappadocia. First, you should try to find out the company experience that you prefer. As in every sector, you may encounter problems in this sector as well. For example, you may be told 1 hour flight time but actually 30 minutes flight. The worst is a pilot who has no experience as if he has been doing this for years.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon
Fly over Cappadocia with your family, friends…

About the short duration of the flight: My friends have experienced a similar situation before. For this reason, I would like to emphasize that you do not prefer flights less than 1 hour. (I cannot say anything early arrival due to the weather conditions.) Another important aspect is whether flight insurance has been provided to passengers. Some firms cannot afford to provide any insurance for passengers to save money.

How much money the Cappadocia Balloon Prices?

The most asked question is this. First of all, I would like to mention that there are options like standard, comfortable and special for balloon flights. As a result, these categories increase the price.

For example: If you make a marriage proposal in Cappadocia, you can choose special flight; If you are self-indulgent, you can choose comfort flight that fewer people join (10-14 people) or if you consider your economic condition, you can prefer standard flight.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon
All balloons flies at the same time.

Balloon tour prices actually are changeable. The cheapest prices begin from 150€ and can be more than 400€. Prices will change even according as flight option, the season of the tourism, or the day you ride. (In our website we give you the best price. And also the best service guarantee!)

What zones you can ride in Cappadocia?

How is the route determined?

The areas where routes of flights and flights to Cappadocia are changed by weather conditions.

But if we generalize, we can say that Hot Air Balloons take off from Avanos and Goreme which are the most beautiful regions in Cappadocia. As I mentioned earlier, thus the direction of the balloons is vertical, so the horizontal orientation is directed by the wind and the pilot’s skill.

What are the times of Hot Air Balloon flights?

Flights have at 2 different times in the non-high season: sunrise and after sunrise. I chose the sunrise twice.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon
Take amazing pictures and post them into social media!

You can be sure that it will be worth the trouble even if you have to wake up at 3:30 am. The transfer car will pick you up from 04: 00-04: 30 change in the location of your hotel if you choose the sunrise balloon tour. So, you will see that beautiful view, even your sleep a little less! Believe me, it is worth.

If you need a Cappadocia tour, now you know where to check.

When do the Cappadocia Balloon Tour make?

You can ride Hot air balloon flights at any time of year in Cappadocia. Of course, the weather and wind are appropriate. Civil Aviation and Meteorology data affect flight decision. But, the ideal months for hot air balloon flight are:

  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August

What are the Hot Air Balloon Companies?

For sure, as ToursCE, we give you the best price options. So, book the balloon tour on our website and save money & time.

You can check the balloon companies below.

  1. Anatolian Balloons
  2. Assiana Balloons
  3. Atlas Balloon
  4. Atmosfer Balloons
  5. Cihangiroglu Balloons
  6. Deluxe Balloons
  7. Discovery Balloons
  8. Goreme Balloons
  9. Istanbul Balloons
  10. Kaya Balloons
  11. Maccan Balloons
  12. Rainbow Balloons
  13. Royal Balloons
  14. Saray Balloons
  15. Sultan Balloons
  16. Turca Balloons
  17. Turkiye Balloons
  18. Universal Balloons
  19. Urgup Balloons
  20. Voyager Balloons

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