Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Hot Air Ballooning Four Seasons in Cappadocia


In Cappadocia, there are more than 25 aeronautical companies that fly balloons all year round. Here this service is quite popular. After all, from a bird’s eye view you can see the incredible landscapes of alien volcanic rocks and unforgettable sunrises.

You can offer both group flights (with you will be other tourists) and individual. It can be a great gift to your second half on the occasion of a significant date. We will give information about hot air balloon tours today.

How are the flights on balloons?

Hotels in Cappadocia work with several companies that provide hot air balloon service. The price depends on how many passengers will be in the basket. Usually the capacity is designed for 12, 16 and 20 people.

If you book a flight, a minibus will arrive at the hotel for you at 3: 50-5: 00 hours, so you can see the unforgettable dawn. First, you will be taken to the office of the company, where you will be fed a light Breakfast, will conduct a safety briefing, and you will be able to conclude a contract. Yes, before the trip, make sure that you got into the minibus of the company where you booked the flight.

After visiting the office-a trip to the site, where you will inflate the ball for 15-30 minutes. And here it is an incredible excursion into the surreal world!

Flight time of hot air baloon tour in Cappadocia in the air-1 hour. After landing in the fields or on the trailer of a truck, then champagne and the presentation of a flight certificate or a medal about the flight. You will then be taken back to the hotel by around 8: 00.

Baskets of balloons come in different sizes, there can be placed from 6 to 28 passengers. As a rule, the fewer passengers, the higher the flight class and, accordingly, the ticket price.

The hot air balloon always starts at one point, but each time lands in a new place. The pilot can fully control the altitude by releasing hot air from the balloon, but the route itself depends on the direction of the wind, which is constantly changing. As a rule, the balls rise to a height of 300 meters.

The flight lasts from an hour to one and a half. If there is no flat surface at the landing site, the basket is pulled with the help of cables to a special car platform from which passengers can safely get off to the ground.

Many people think that during the flight, passengers are offered a drink of champagne. In fact, even on the most expensive flights, only the completion of the flight is allowed to enjoy a glass of champagne. Moreover, before that, passengers ‘ hands are usually busy with mobile phones: they take pictures of the views and take selfies against the background of the Cappadocian canyons.

hot air baloonWhat to look for when ordering a hot air balloon flight?

First, the reputation of the company. It is difficult to check, but it is best to try to discuss it with the locals, making allowance for the fact that some of them may recommend a particular company solely out of their own selfish interests.

Secondly, it is the duration of the flight. It affects the cost. The average price of a big balloon flight in Goreme is 150-180 euros.

Third, it is the size of the basket and the number of passengers on board. The most greedy companies offer a ride in the company of 40 people, but there are baskets for 24 and 12 people. Personal recommendation-flying in a small basket.

cappadocia-hot-air-balloonsWhen is it better to fly?

Theoretically, hot air balloons in Cappadocia go up in the sky in any season. But in early spring, late autumn and winter (especially) it is more likely that on the day on which you planned to fly, the weather will be non-flying (strong wind) and your plan to become a balloonist will fail. After all, basically everyone comes to Cappadocia for 2-3 days, and the flight is usually planned for the second day. Therefore, we advise you to plan your flight on the ball so that you have at least one more day left. There are many different Cappadocia Hot Air Baloon Tour companies. You can get detailed information from companies.

In summer and early autumn, balloons fly almost every day, with rare exceptions. At least for those 4 days that we were in Cappadocia in mid-September, the balls flew every day.


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