Travel to Cappadocia in Winter


Who said that in winter there is nothing to do in Turkey? The main thing is openness to everything new and the spirit of adventurism, and then everything happens in the best way!

Cappadocia is beautiful at any time of the year and is ready to offer everyone at his request.

Hot air balloon flight in winter

A mandatory item of our program was, of course, a balloon flight, which despite the snowy windy weather still took place. On the eve of departure, the weather was calm and clear, as if nature had heard us… Flying on a balloon in winter is a special pleasure. Cappadocia appears before you in completely different colors and with a different accent than in the warm season. She is beautiful in the winter decorations! It is impossible not to note the coordinated and precise work of the team that lifted us into the air and put us back on the ground.

baloon tour in cappadociaUnusual excursions in Cappadocia

Avanos sunk into the soul with a visit to the pottery workshop of Galip, a walk on the suspension bridge, over the most beautiful and longest river of Turkey-Kizilirmak and a real Turkish pizza Pide, Uchhisar-magnificent views from the snow-covered terraces of hotels and the picturesque rock fortress in the center, Goreme-a fascinating and incredibly satisfying culinary master class in the authentic restaurant Koy Evi. It is always cooked at home delicious and with love.

One of the Cappadocian winter evenings you can join the ancient Sufi tradition of the whirling Dervishes or “SEMA”. You can attend a Cappadocia Tour in order to go to these kinds of events. This action takes place in a luxurious Caravanserai near Avanos. Today, it is only an artistic reminder of ancient traditions, but even a traveler far from Sufism will remember the mystical atmosphere with which this ceremony is filled…

sema in cappadociaCave hotels in winter

The beauty and highlight of Cappadocia is the opportunity to stay in cave hotels, with rooms carved directly into the rocks so people lived many centuries ago and in stone houses in the old Ottoman style, with high arched ceilings and stucco fireplaces. To understand and feel the spirit of Cappadocia you need to live in them.

But the climate in Cappadocia is continental and the cold season makes its own adjustments. People who are accustomed to comfort and warmth in winter it is better to stay in modern European hotels. We, for example, you can stay in two hotels-rocky Lale Saray in Uchisar, from the terrace which offers an incredible view of beauty. And in the hotel the European type, Perissia in Ürgüp, which is located some distance from the city center, a 10-minute walk away.

cave hotels in cappadociaHotel deals in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is beautiful at any time of the year. And in winter, this region turns into a real fairy tale under the snow. After exploring the valleys and excursions, it is nice to sit in a cozy warm place with a Cup of warming Apple tea or real Turkish coffee. You may lay a very successful and original route to winter Cappadocia, opening it with a new, attractive side. And we invite you to join us on the next trips that are already in the plans. Our Cappadocia tours will not leave you indifferent.

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