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Bus Lines of Istanbul New Airport
Istanbul New Airport is the world’s largest airport with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers was opened to air traffic at a ceremony on 29 October 2018. With its 6 independent tracks, 500 aircraft capacity, 70 thousand vehicles open and closed parking lots, Istanbul Airport reinforces Istanbul’s world flight... Read more
Fethiye Paragliding Experience
The world-famous beauty of Fethiye is the paragliding which is the first choice of those who want to have a bird’s eye view of Oludeniz, to experience the turquoise sea and to experience the unique geography with a thrilling event. In the Babadag region of Fethiye, which is shown... Read more
The Best Places to Visit in Bodrum 2019
Bodrum is an important tourism center not just for our country but also for the world with its natural beauties, historical buildings bearing the traces of different cultures, and festival activities. “Places to Visit in Bodrum” present different alternatives for local and foreign tourists. Places to Visit in Bodrum... Read more
Best Beaches in Antalya, Where to Swim?
As an Aegean fan, I cannot understand the charm of Antalya’s beaches without cove, I came, I saw, I swam. I realized that; the Carettas and the Russians knew their taste well. The waters of the sea and the pine forests have a lot of different enjoyment. The only... Read more
The Most Popular Things to do in Istanbul 2019
İstanbul, landed from Asia to Europe, offers endless opportunities to visit sightseeing such as palaces, mansions, parks and with the Bosphorus places in the middle of it. But if you have only a few days to spend in the city, do not miss at least a few items of... Read more
The Best Places to Visit in Istanbul
During The Places for Visiting in Istanbul article, I will share detailed information and photographs about visiting places in Istanbul which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world according to me as I saw and traveled more than 30 countries. You can find any information that... Read more
How to make a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour?
Cappadocia is a central tourist place not only in Turkey, also in the world. Millions of people, who come to experience the Cappadocia balloon tour, watch the fascinating Cappadocia fairy chimneys. They will experience Cappadocia travel which they will not forget in their lives especially, in the moment of... Read more
Your Turkey Tour Should Include Gallipoli
When Australians travel to Turkey, it is quite often to make what could best be called a pilgrimage to Gallipoli, bloody scene of the fledgling Australian army’s first engagement and greatest, most horrific defeat. While the battle site is iconic for Aussies, Gallipoli also saw huge losses from other... Read more
Visiting the Barber in Istanbul
While in Turkey Men Must Experience a Shave and Haircut a la Turca Before marketing and metrosexuality ruined men’s lives, there was a time when the words “male” and “fashion” rarely appeared in the same sentence. It’s possible to relive those moments by visiting a barber in Istanbul. Turkish... Read more