Cappadocia and Pamukkale Tour from Istanbul

Visit the most popular areas in Turkey with 3 days Cappadocia and Pamukkale tour from Istanbul.

Cappadocia, with its natural and historical structures, fascinates many people. Pamukkale hosts a unique natural structure in the world.

  • Visit more with extensive tours to two popular unique destinations.
  • Small-group tour with a local tour guide.
  • Flights, most meals, entrance fees will be included.
  • Stay at nicely chosen hotels. Please check the accommodation section below
  • All airport and bus station transfers will be arranged as per the itinerary.
  • Non-smoking, luxury tour vehicles.
  • Easy to communicate with your travel consultant.

We have prepared a tour that you can visit Cappadocia and Pamukkale in 3 Days. This tour package starts from your hotel in Istanbul, ends at your hotel in Istanbul.

Duration: 3 Days
Tour Type: Regular
Departure Days: Everyday
Starting Place: Istanbul
Ending Place: Istanbul
Transportation: +
Cappadocia: Devrent Valley ➝ Pasabag Valley ➝ Avanos ➝ Goreme Panoramic Viewpoint ➝ Uchisar ➝ Red Valley ➝ Gulludere Valley ➝ Zelve Open Air Museum ➝ Cavusin Village ➝ Pigeon Valley ➝ Underground City
Pamukkale: Famous Pamukkale ➝ White Calcium Terraces ➝ Hierapolis Ancient City ➝ The Necropolis ➝ Bath and Basilica ➝ Frontinius Gate ➝ Frontinius Street ➝ Latrina ➝ Northern Byzantine Gate ➝ Fountain of the Tritons ➝ The Temple of Apollon ➝ Cleopatra Antique Thermal Pool


Day 1 - Fly to Cappadocia & Cappadocia Tour

Meal: Lunch

03:00 am ─ We will pick you up from your hotel in Istanbul.
Transfer to the airport in Istanbul.
06:40 am ─ You will fly to Cappadocia. (Please note that flight departure times may change.)
08:00 am ─ Landing at Kayseri or Nevşehir Airport. Both of the airports are close to Cappadocia.
Upon arrival at the airport, we will welcome you with a name sign and transfer you to the Cappadocia red tour area.

The first day of 3 days Cappadocia and Pamukkale tour from Istanbul starts!

  1. Devrent Valley: One of the most famous valleys in Cappadocia will be our first destination. Devrent Valley is known by two different names, Pink and Imagination Valley. With the effect of the sunlight, they turn pinkish. People also called here Imagination Valley because of the unusual shapes of stones and fairy chimneys.
  2. Paşabağ (Monks) Valley: This valley is rich enough to offer you kind of an exhibition about the first fairy chimney formations. Because of the churches built by monks, the valley is also known as the Priest-Monks Valley. The fairy chimneys in this valley are the most prominent in Cappadocia. Each fairy chimney is several times the length of human height.
  3. Avanos: We will go to a pottery workshop. If you wish, you can also make a pot for yourself. When you make pottery, knowledgeable people will help and guide you. You may have to pay extra if you want to make pots yourself (no obligation).
  4. Open Air Museum: It is one of the valuable museums. The museum can be defined as a large religious area with many dining halls, churches, and monasteries. The whole area is designated as a significant religious ritual.
  5. Uçhisar Castle: Now, you have visited fairy chimneys, valleys, and museums in close. Therefore, at our next destination, we will give you a chance to see all these structures from a distance. We will go to this castle, which was built centuries ago. It will present you with a complete panoramic view of Cappadocia in detail. You’ll want to take plenty of pictures while reviewing this image. So don’t forget to bring your camera with you.

17:00 ─ Cappadocia tour ends.
Transfer to your hotel in Cappadocia.

Staying overnight in Cappadocia.

Day 2 - Cappadocia Tour & Overnight Bus to Pamukkale

Meal: Breakfast and Lunch

Additional activity 1: Hot air balloon flight is strongly recommended. The price of the balloon flight is not included in this package.
Additional activity 2: If you don’t have a taste for flying in a hot air balloon, Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Watching is the next best thing. The sight of those colorful balloons floating through the skies is stunning!

09:30 am ─ After a delicious breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel.
You will be transferred to Cappadocia yellow tour area.

  1. Red Valley: The stones and rocks here are shorter than the others in the area and have a cut structure. The harsh waters of the rains in the region eroded these rocks over time. The wind blowing hard has caused these rocks to sharpen from time to time. The view of the valley is awe-inspiring at sunrise and sunset. Photographing from a point overlooking the area a little overhead can make a beautiful view immortal.
  2. Rose Valley: About 5 kilometers from the Red Valley, a perfect valley will be waiting for you. Rose Valley fascinates people who visit Cappadocia with its many features. The most important part of the valley is that it has a long route for trekking. You will be able to examine natural history closely and enjoy trekking. Rose Valley is one of the regions with perfect views during sunset and sunrise.
  3. Çavuşin Old Greek Village: After visiting two valleys, our next destination on our tour will be an old habitat! Here are the houses of people who lived centuries ago, made of stone. These houses are now called cave houses. Stone houses are actually used in modern architecture.
  4. Underground City: We’ll travel with you to a destination full of mystery and excitement! The most mysterious goals you can see in Cappadocia are underground cities! When you visit Underground City, you will feel as if you are switching to another dimension. Even the fourth ground of this city extends 20 kilometers deep.

17:00 ─ Second day of 3 days Cappadocia tour from Istanbul ends.
Transfer to the bus station in Cappadocia.
20:00 ─ You will have an overnight bus trip to Pamukkale which is 10 hours. The bus trip has breaks for your personal needs. And we use intercity buses which are comfortable.

Day 3 - Pamukkale Tour & Fly Back to Istanbul

Meal: Breakfast and Lunch

05:30/06:00 am ─ Arrival at Denizli Bus Station.
Upon arrival, our staff will welcome you with your name sign.
Transfer to your hotel for freshen-up.

09:30/09:45 am ─ After a delicious breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel.
You will be transferred to Pamukkale. Then the tour begins.

  1. Pamukkale: Welcome to Turkey’s white heaven! When you see your photos, you will have the opportunity to see these white structures you cannot believe with your own eyes! Pamukkale Travertines are the name given to a large system with many calcium, vitamins, and minerals in its structure. These travertines are stacked on top of each other due to the deposition of vitamins and minerals in them. Nowadays, these superimposed structures have reached an extensive mountain view.
  2. Cleopatra Antique Pool: It is believed that Cleopatra was once bathed in this ancient pool in Pamukkale. That’s why this pool is called Cleopatra. There are 15 more ancient pools around the building. The effect of travertines forms these pools, and they have plenty of mineral ratios. Please note that you should bring your swimming suits if you want to swim in the ancient pool. And also the entrance to the pool is extra.
  3. Hierapolis Ancient City: Located very close to the Pamukkale travertines, this ancient city will take you to the ancient civilization of the Phrygians! If you are interested in history, you will enjoy this ancient city. You will notice that there are many religious symbols in this ancient city because Hierapolis was called the Holy City by the surrounding cities. This area was believed to be visited by many Greek gods. These are the areas that you will be able to see in Hierapolis: Frontinus Street, The Agora, North and South Byzantine Gates, Gymnasium, Triton Fountain Building, Ionic House, Latrina, Apollon Temple, Middle Age Fortress, Theater, Necropolis, Basilica Bath.

16:00 ─ Pamukkale tour ends.
You will be transferred to Denizli Airport.
18:35 ─ Flying to Istanbul.
19:40 ─ Arrival at Sabiha Gökçen or Istanbul Airport.
Our transfer team will welcome you at the exit.
We will transfer you to the hotel in Istanbul.

Please note that airports and times can be changed according to the availability on the travel dates.

3 Days Cappadocia tour from Istanbul package ends. Thanks for choosing the best tour company in Turkey!


  • Domestic flight & bus tickets as per the itinerary
  • 1-night in Cappadocia hotel
  • Pick up and drop off to your hotel as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Meals mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary
  • Car park, Gasoline, Highway & Bridge Fees
  • Fresh Up room in Pamukkale on arrival
  • All transportations in the tour
  • Local taxes and service charges
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks at lunch
  • Dinners
  • Entrance fee to Cleopatra Antique Thermal Pool


Hotel in Cappadocia

... Hotel Info Link
Heaven Cave Hotel info tripadvisor
Diamond Cappadocia Hotel info tripadvisor
Peace Stone Hotel info tripadvisor
Tibet Stone Hotel info tripadvisor
Nature Park Hotel info tripadvisor
Tafana Cave Hotel info tripadvisor
ShoeString Stone Hotel info tripadvisor
Perissia Hotel info tripadvisor

The price of the tour covers hotel accommodations as mentioned above or similar quality hotels.

Option 1: We can upgrade your hotel accommodation according to your request at an additional cost.

Option 2: If you would like to book your hotel, we can cut mentioned hotel price out. And, we can quote a new tour package price without the hotel.

You can book the tour directly online if the mentioned hotels are suitable for you. If not, please make a request.


Option 1: Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight
Cappadocia hot air balloon flight is the best activity to do in Cappadocia. Book a hot air balloon flight with the best price guarantee.
Option 2: Cappadocia ATV Quad Safari (Sunrise)
One of the best activities to do in Cappadocia is watching hot air balloons from the ground. And also, you will do that while riding your ATVs.
Option 3: Cappadocia Sunset Walking Tour
The best time to discover Cappadocia is the sunset times. Join us to explore the important places in Cappadocia with the experts of the region.
Option 4: Cappadocia Horseback Riding Safari
Horseback safari is one of the best activities to do in Cappadocia. Firstly we teach you the basic rules, and then you can start exploring Cappadocia.


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Joining the 3-day Cappadocia and Pamukkale tour from Istanbul offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Time Efficiency: By opting for a guided tour, you can maximize your time and make the most of your trip. The tour is carefully planned to include the essential attractions, ensuring you experience the highlights of both Cappadocia and Pamukkale within a short duration.
  • Hassle-Free Travel: Planning transportation, accommodation, and itinerary details can be overwhelming, especially when you’re visiting unfamiliar destinations. Joining a tour relieves you of these burdens, as all logistics are taken care by us. You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.
  • Expert Guides: The 3 days Cappadocia and Pamukkale tour provides you with knowledgeable guides who are well-versed in the history, culture, and significance of the sites you’ll visit. They will share fascinating insights, answer your questions, and ensure you have a deeper understanding of the destinations.
  • Safety and Security: Traveling with a reputable tour company ensures your safety and security throughout the trip. We select reliable transportation, arrange accommodations at trusted hotels, and maintain a structured itinerary, giving you peace of mind throughout your journey.
  • Comfortable Transportation: Long-distance travel between Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Pamukkale can be tiring. However, joining a tour ensures you have access to comfortable transportation, often in air-conditioned vehicles, which adds to your overall comfort and enjoyment.
  • Local Experiences: A well-designed Cappadocia and Pamukkale tour often includes opportunities to immerse yourself in local culture and traditions. You may have the chance to interact with locals, try regional cuisines, and participate in activities unique to the area, enhancing your overall travel experience.
  • Beautiful Landscapes: Both Cappadocia and Pamukkale are renowned for their breathtaking natural landscapes. Cappadocia is known for its surreal rock formations, cave dwellings, and hot air balloon rides, while Pamukkale boasts stunning white terraces filled with thermal waters. By joining the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to witness these natural wonders firsthand.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Both Cappadocia and Pamukkale are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to their exceptional cultural and natural significance. Visiting these sites with a knowledgeable guide enriches your understanding of their historical and geological importance.
  • Photography Opportunities: Cappadocia and Pamukkale tour offers incredible photography opportunities, from the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys to the cascading travertine terraces of Pamukkale. By joining a tour, you’ll have the chance to capture these unique sights and take home stunning photographs.
  • Memorable Experiences: Exploring Cappadocia and Pamukkale on a guided tour often leads to unforgettable experiences and lasting memories. Whether it’s witnessing a magical sunrise over the Cappadocian valleys or bathing in the mineral-rich thermal waters of Pamukkale, the tour allows you to create cherished moments that will stay with you for a lifetime.
  • Shopping opportunity: Group tours in Turkey have included some shopping breaks on the tours. In this way, you will have a chance to buy souvenirs without spending any extra time.

Overall, joining a 3-day Cappadocia and Pamukkale tour from Istanbul provides convenience, expert guidance, safety, and the opportunity to explore two extraordinary destinations in Turkey, ensuring a memorable and rewarding travel experience.



  1. Amelia

    Amazing 2 days private Cappadocia tour services with an absolutely first-class travel agency. Wow, the hot air balloon ride for sunrise. I rarely write reviews on the web page and only do so when something has exceeded my expectations, and Toursce tour service has done just that. As an avid traveller, having visited almost 82 countries now, it’s hard to impress me…but the level of services, attention to detail, constant communication, and quality of tour options presented to us by the Tourse tour service was truly unbelievable… and of course, Cappadocia itself is spectacular! Thank you to Tuna in Turkey for making our visit absolutely unforgettable.

  2. María

    we did three days semi-private Capadoccia and Pamukkale trip organised by Toursce. It has been one of the best holidays as every little detail was taken care of by this amazing tour company, from airport transfers to hotels, food, and local tour guides. We had nothing to worry about travel. Shoutout to the local excursion guides for being incredibly pleasant and informative at the same time. Erkan is extremely professional, helpful and did a fantastic job at coordinating the entire trip. Fabulous holiday thanks to the Toursce team. We will definitely be back in Turkey again to visit a different part of this beautiful country with Toursce.

  3. Ruby

    This was our first time visit to Turkey and one of the best legs of our long holiday. Absolutely loved Istanbul, Pamukkale, and Cappadocia, beautiful and felt safe, especially traveling as two alone females. It was brilliant service and a very enjoyable holiday. Definitely, we will go back again. The trip was smooth, with good hotels and seamless transits. All of these were made possible by the helpful suggestions and very prompt service provided by Mr Zenginbas. Also, a special thanks to the local guides provided at the different destinations. Highly recommend this company and Mr Zenginbas! Thanks again 🙂

  4. Kevin

    We booked two region trips with them one package tour to Cappadocia with my family which was a group of 8 and two people tour of Pammukale. Both the package tours were excellent.
    Cappadocia tour package: Our family flight was to Kayseri was delayed from Istanbul by about two hours but once we reached the Cappadocia airport our tour guide was waiting for us there with a huge smile. Gurkan was very friendly and informative, he was happy to answer all the questions that we had. The Cappadocia area sights that we saw were beautiful. We were provided accommodation in one of the best cave hotels which were very unique. The air balloon ride is an experience that is not to be missed.
    The Pammukule tour package: we did this one with my son and the tour was really good something worth doing. After the Pamukkale trip was finished we had a bus to catch Konya city and we had a layover of about 5 hours in Pamukkale town. They were happy for me to wait there and the staff was very hospitable and friendly while I waited at their office.
    All in all, we were very happy with the service provided by Toursce Turkey. Tuna was helpful in arranging for all the tours/accommodation/tickets/pickup and drop off and even helping me with stuff that I didn’t expect him to. We highly recommend them!

  5. Alina

    All went smoothly in the three-day tour to Cappadocia and Pamukkale. The internal flights, excursions, the transfer shuttle pick-ups, and the hotel in Goreme. All the local tour guides were great and knew their history in the regions. Would recommend this travel company’s team, which kept in emails and msg contact throughout. Really enjoyed the tour program. Thanks.

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